If you are a Supplier, Manufacturer, Wholesale Distributor or Service Provider, list all your products/services in your Network of Business Profile and check the approval box to publish the list of products/services in the Sales Transactor Supplier Database.

When Buying Members search the Sales Transactor Supplier Database and request product/service buyer information, our CompuMatcher matches the products/services that you have listed in the Directory. We then send the Supplier Representative an eMessage describing the buyer's needs with full descriptive information pertaining to their Purchase Request with the Buyer's Company Profile.

After you complete the Registration of your Membership with your Company Name, you may receive a message from Sales Transactor that we have already listed your company. Your password will enable you to add, delete, or edit the listing information. We will automatically delete the listing duplication from our database. Your new listing will take priority and we will delete the listing that we have.

It's E-Z to Sell using the Sales Transactor. Just simply - A) List all your products/services, B) Receive a CompuMatcher Lead and C) Submit a detailed message response to the buyer.

To participate in the Sales Transactor program, you must register and become a member of Click Here.



Register for Membership in Network of

Enter Products/Services into your Network of Business Profile. Select a Category from the Sales Transactor Supplier Listings and drill down to select products/services from the Supplier Listings that correspond with your products/services.



Trade references can still be extremely helpful for several reasons.

Providing trade references even if they are not requested provides a higher degree of legitimacy to a bid. If the trade references are contacted they can be helpful in getting the job.



Upload your excess inventory to our B2B and B2C Discount Marketplace.

Members of Network of Business can list and sell products Free of charge. is a cost saving solution for turning your surplus assets into cash. You reach all of our members as well as the millions of consumers who visit our Directories.


The SalesTransactor has included Live Video Communication for Businesses so they can instantly interact in live video with Customers and other Business People.


Live Video Connector is our Private Live Video Conference Program with Live Video PBX. Users can click on the LVC Button to be intantly connected by Live Interactive Video with any other users. The Live Button can be placed on your website, profile, ads, social sites and even your emails.


Live Video Meetings is our Live Video Multi-Party Conferencing and Meeting Program. Meetings can be designated by the Organizer as being Private or Public. All attendees are shown live and they can display anything for all others to see.


Live NetVision is a Free Video Netcast program which operates similar to Television. It can be viewed instantly with just a click. Viewers Don't need to Download anything and Registration is Not Required.

Sellers can list their entire
line of Products and
Services FREE in the
Sales Transactor's Database.