We match the Buyer's exact needs with Suppliers from our Sales Transactor Supplier Database and we immediately send Sales Reps the Buyer Leads. The Sales Rep clicks a button to send a confirmation message to the Buyer if his Company can immediately fill the order. The message contains our Live Video Connector icon button which enables the buyer to instantly video connect for a live interactive conversation in which the Rep can Live Display and Demo Products/Services.

We send Buyer Leads by our eMessaging system. These leads are matches to buyer requests for the products/services that Sellers offer.

Buyer Postings are auto posted to the Buyer's Company Profile Page, so Suppliers can check the authenticity of the request. Suppliers don't like to respond with competitive information such as prices, volume discounts, etc., without knowing who they are communicating with.

Suppliers respond first by sending a message which showcases their company with references and directing them to sections of their website, etc.

Buyers usually feel more comfortable when suppliers offer the instant "Live Video Connector" - Seeing Eye to Eye instills confidence and translates into Sales.

The SalesTransactor has included Live Video Communication for Businesses so they can instantly interact in live video with Customers and other Business People.


Live Video Connector is our Private Live Video Conference Program with Live Video PBX. Consumers can click on the LVC Button to be intantly connected by Live Interactive Video with your Business Reps. The Button can be placed on your website, profile, ads, social sites and even your emails.

LIVE VIDEO MEETING is our Live Video Multi-Party Conferencing and Meeting Program. Meetings can be designated by the Organizer as being Private or Public. All attendees are shown live and they can display anything for all others to see.


NetVisionTV is a Free Video Netcast program which operates similar to Television. It can be viewed instantly with just a click. Viewers Don't need to Download anything and Registration is Not Required.

CompuMatcher's Live Video Connector enables Buyers to "See" the Products which Sellers can immediately ship.