Welcome to the Sales Transactor

The Sales Transactor is an SAAS Web Based Cloud Solution
which doesn't require installation. It's Fast and Easy to use, just register as a member of Network of Business.com and in a few minutes, you're discovering new Suppliers and Buyers. The Sales Transactor automatically matches the buyer's purchasing requests (postings) and instantly notifies member supplier reps of the sales match; it's called "CompuMatcher". The leads are like "orders" and they increase sales up to 600%.

The Sales Transactor is a single platform program which accelerates the sourcing cycle by providing a fully automated process which generates Suppliers who can instantly fill your exact Purchasing needs.

The system is completely devoid of paper written communication. The Bz Controller manages all the sales and marketing results and coupled with NofB's collaborative B2B Solutions, Businesses are able to devote more time to Sales.

The Sales Transactor not only provides the ultimate communication features of illustrating, demonstrating and consummating sales, we provide our Sales Employee Members with Speciality Sales Leads. Remember, the Network of Business has almost every business company listed in our Directory Database and with a button click, you can be Seeing & Talking Live with the right people. The Sales Transactor is your Free Lead System to obtain new business.

There are Three Components to our Sales Lead Program, Click on these sub-sites for information:

  1. Contact Leads
  2. CompuMatcher
  3. Supplier Database

Now, let us outline how our Video Communication features can generate and help close sales:

If your customer wants to see a demonstration of the product, you click on your Video Displayer and show a Video. It could be a manufacturers video of product operation and use, which includes specifications and warranty information or you could tour your showroom or exhibit hall and video your display as you walk.

Customer Support is a very important part our Program; the Remote Computer Controller allows your customer service department to access and control a customer's computer. Its uses are many, such as downloading software or assisting in form applications, etc. Now you can take your office with you into the field or on a business trip and remotely access and control your office computer.

Perhaps your customer needs financing, you can send a copy of the agreement by data transfer. You can also have your purchase contract sent by data transfer for electronic signature and your customer will have the same features to data transfer it back to you. Our Program allows you to transfer and share documents, files, contracts, send CD's and music. This feature is called Data Transfer.

Live Video Sales Presentations can be Netcasted using our Interactive White Board which has a Telestrator overlay to draw or text over the documentation.

The Sales Transactor employs our NetVisionTV Program which enables you to netcast to select groups or to the general public. It's like TV on the Net, where you're in control of your presentation. Millions of viewers can simultaneously See your Show AND using our LiveNetVideo Program you can have viewers call you during your live netcast and everyone Sees and Hears the Callers. Of course, you can also prepare a recorded netcast.

NofB Tools such as Biz Groups, Video Forum, Biz Collaborator and Biz Transactor are led with Live, Real Time Video Communication which includes LiveNetVideo, Live Video Connector and NetVision. NofB members are Video Conferencing, Displaying and Demonstrating Products/Services Live; they're Video Communicating with customers and other businesses and they're simultaneously netcasting Video to thousands of their customers and clientele.

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