The Sales Transactor is an SAAS Web Based Cloud Solution which doesn't require installation. It's Fast and Easy to use, just register as a member of Network of and in a few minutes, you're discovering new Suppliers and Buyers. The Sales Transactor automatically matches the buyer's purchasing requests (postings) and instantly notifies member supplier reps of the sales match; it's called "CompuMatcher". The leads are like "orders" and they increase sales up to 600%.

The Sales Transactor is a single platform program which accelerates the sourcing cycle by providing a fully automated process which generates Suppliers who can instantly fill your exact Purchasing needs.

Businesses of all sizes from small firms to large conglomerates are using the Sales Transactor.

Imagine Talking, Seeing and Selling right from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Think of the time saved in not having to travel. You can now speed your Product Launches before business and industry decision makers as there are no set-ups, travel or accommodations to worry about.

The Sales Transactor is perfect for online sales because customers are able to talk and see a live person. With the Sales Transactor you have Eye to Eye Contact - Sometimes facial expressions say it all! People feel confident talking in live interactive video with someone who can answer their questions. Imagine the difference when the customer is greeted by a live, friendly person they can immediately see, vs your competitor's voice mail. Wow - the 1st impression lasts! See CompuMatcher


We match the Buyer's exact needs with Suppliers from our Sales Transactor Supplier Database and we immediately send Sales Reps the Buyer Leads. The Sales Rep clicks a button to send a confirmation



We match the Buyer's exact needs with Suppliers from our Sales Transactor Supplier Database and we immediately send Sales Reps the Buyer Leads.



Suppliers, Manufacturers, Wholesale Distributors or Service Providers, list all your products/services in your NofB Profile to publish the list of products & services in the Sales Transactor Supplier Database.


Special Features Included In The Sales Transactor


Bz Controller is the Network of Business's Command and Control Center. It's a Central Management System where members can launch and control all of the Network of Business's programs. Members can monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) such as Sales Revenues, Inventory Levels, Financial Reports, Sales Leads, etc.


Network of Business developed the Business Management Program to integrate the core sales and marketing functions of a company into an electronic data platform to manage information across an entire organization able to serve small and medium size businesses to enterprise level companies.

The SalesTransactor has included Live Video Communication for Businesses so they can instantly interact in live video with Customers and other Business People.


Live Video Connector is our Private Live Video Conference Program with Live Video PBX. Consumers can click on the LVC Button to be intantly connected by Live Interactive Video with your Business Reps. The Button can be placed on your website, profile, ads, social sites and even your emails.

LIVE VIDEO MEETING is our Live Video Multi-Party Conferencing and Meeting Program. Meetings can be designated by the Organizer as being Private or Public. All attendees are shown live and they can display anything for all others to see.


NetVisionTV is a Free Video Netcast program which operates similar to Television. It can be viewed instantly with just a click. Viewers Don't need to Download anything and Registration is Not Required.

The Network of Business and Sales Transactor offer many unique FREE Programs to help Businesses Succeed.